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The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

Why YouTube

YouTube; Subscribe, Like, Share, Comment, what does it all mean?

YouTube, just like Facebook, is a social media platform with a community of millions of users. Just like Facebook the more you interact the better your experience will be! So, if they are alike why do we use both?

Let’s take a look at the two and their language.

YouTube Languagevs.Facebook Language
SubscribeHow you stay in touch with a person or organization you like.FriendsHow you stay in touch with a person or organization you like.
Thumbs Up/DownShows the person or organization you like or dislike the content they posted.LikeShows the person or organization you like the content they posted. You can’t dislike a post.
ShareShare the post content with others.ShareShare the post content with others.
CommentLet’s everyone know how you feel about the post.CommentLet’s everyone know how you feel about the post.
Video/Audio content onlyNo “text or photo only” posts.Text/Video/Photo content onlyNo “audio only” posts.
ChannelContent is viewed on a Channel – divided into Playlists (categories) created by the person or organization.PageContent is viewed on a page News Feed or Profile. Can not be sorted by a category.
You can search for the content or post that you are interested in.Search
You can search for the content or post that you are interested in.
The content is saved forever.Saved
The content is saved forever.

What does it all mean?

YouTube isn’t just a place to watch online videos, it’s also a place to interact with others that have your same interests and establish yourself as a voice on the topic.

Take a few minutes of your time to watch YouTube videos,  like (or dislike) and make comments.


youtube-subscribe-buttonSubscribe to the channels that you would like to see more of (it’s FREE).

You can find a Subscribe button under any YouTube video or on a channel’s page. Once you subscribe to a channel, any new videos it publishes will show up in your Subscriptions feed.


Watching and commenting on videos is fast and easy.

Take a look at videos you are interested in. Respond to the video with a quick comment—or even consider posting a response video. 

What are the benefits of leaving comments on YouTube videos?

  • You establish yourself as someone that knows. If your comments are written well, smart, and filled with useful information, others will take note of your knowledge—and perhaps ask you for more advice. 
  • You connect with new people. Commenting on videos is a free and fast way to get your voice heard. 


ShareSharing YouTube videos you find is easy.

Click or tap on the video’s URL in your browser’s address bar, copy it, and paste it into a text message or group chat. Easy, right?

Or, click on the “Share” button found to the right of the thumbs-up and thumbs-down voting icons.

To share a video with your YouTube contacts—yes, that’s a thing—just click on their smiling pictures (or names). Even if you aren’t yet “YouTube Friends,” you can share videos with people who YouTube thinks might be good candidates for online friendship. If you do, they’ll first receive a friendship request before they see the video you  think they should check out.

Why should I like or comment on a YouTube video?

When you watch a video there are two individuals :

  1. Content Creator (Youtuber)
  2. Content Consumer (You)

Liking and commenting a video has benefits for both.

For Content Creator :

  • Motivation
  • Work Satisfaction
  • Helps Video Ranking In A Similar Category
  • Better Search Results

For Content Consumer:

  • It helps YouTube to improve your experience (Better search results and suggestions).
  • Content you like is easily accessible to you in your liked playlist; you can watch it later without going through the hassle of searching for it again.
  • Your consuming it for free; that’s the least you can do and if you liked the video, you are motivating someone to provide you with even better content.
The YouTube Buttons

Here is a link to our YouTube channel, if you haven’t already, Subscribe. Then try liking, commenting and sharing our videos and see how easy it is!

Search for other channels you may like, Crafts, Do it Yourself, Christian… the possibilities are endless.

Just a word of caution, time flies when you are on YouTube!

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