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Our Stephen Ministers at Lakeview UMC serve as the hands and feet of ordained pastors. They frequently discover a need to locate resources on issues related to health care, housing, hospice care, financial planning and life planning for the future. Last spring, we had a terrific presentation on community resources with an abundance of materials that were collected and distributed.

However, although there are 35 of us, we have discovered that all of us need to know more about available resources. For that reason, we are presenting programs over the next few months that will be important for all of us. Rather than limiting our speakers to addressing our Stephen Ministers, we are opening these presentations to include our own congregation and to two others Stephen Ministry programs in the West Valley.

Most of us have had very little information about our Foundation at Lakeview UMC. On September 19 at 2:30 PM in Smoot Hall, Marion Kolb, Chairperson, will share important information on our own Foundation here at Lakeview UMC. The gifts we bring to our Foundation multiply through wise investing to support our ministries. The Foundation has two major accounts: the Brammeier Fund, which supports the Caring Ministry at Lakeview UMC, and the Wayne Strong Endowment Fund, which awards scholarships for the education of future ministers and leaders in the United Methodist Church

You are invited to join us on September 19 in Smoot Hall at 2:30 to discover more about our own Foundation here at Lakeview and the continuing benefits a legacy to it will provide. Please join us! For more information, please contact Pastor Linda or Marion Kolb.

Please watch for future dates of a series of presentations in the WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? HOW? Resource Series. After all, YOU ARE INIVITED!

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