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What Is PALS?

So what is PALS?

  • WHO?             – people who enjoy working together to help others
  •                         WHAT?          – a network of the Caring Ministries programs including Phone Friends, Transportation Volunteers and Stephen Ministry
  •  WHERE?       – in the Sun City area for members of LUMC who need help  in any of five areas of ministry (See details below)
  •  WHEN?          – as needed for short periods of time by Lakeviewers whocare about helping their neighbors
  •  HOW?            – as Caring Ministries is contacted, needs will be identified in which PALS members can serve.  Team leaders will contact PALS members to lend a helping hand.
  •  WHY?!           – Lakeviewers always help each other, and many of us can pitch in to help out as needs arise. There are among us a growing number of our members who are struggling to survive on fixed incomes. Some are physically unable to manage their lives as they once did. Some have no family in the area, or any family, willing to respond to some very basic needs.


  1. Help with downsizing to smaller unit, such as Assisted Living or group home
  2. Help pack and set up in new home
  3. “Neighbor Helping Neighbor” Sales


  1. Medical visits: Be a second set of ears at doctor’s offices as well as take notes for patient to have later
  2. Take blood pressure readings on Sunday mornings
  3. Phone calls to homebound or recently hospitalized


  1. Transportation to medical appointments, grocery stores & what’s needed
  2. Run errands, such as picking up prescriptions, picking up small grocery items, etc.
  3. Transportation Coordinator: (1) Call volunteers willing to provide rides, (2) Explain transportation options & costs (3) Assist in applying for ADA Help qualify (American Disability Act Cards once driving privileges are revoked on doctors’ orders.


  1. Fill out VA forms
  2. Prepare/review taxes
  3. Explain process of qualifying for ALTCS: Az Long Term Care System
  4. Balance check book, assist in visits to bank & help pay bills as well as setting a budget.
  5. Transient/Homeless Counselors: In tandem with Good Samaritan fund, be part of a team of volunteers available to respond to people coming to church for financial assistance.
  6. Identify community resources for which person qualifies. Communicate church policies to those asking for assistance.


  1. Handymen/women to replace light bulbs, smoke alarm batteries, and other small jobs
  2. Examine bids submitted by contractors for roofing, plumbing, electrical, etc.
  3. Home renovation teams: Painting, tear out carpeting, do tile work, install plumbing fixtures, build handicapped ramps, handrails, install showerheads, oversee specialized areas of specialty: a/c, electricity, plumbing.
  4. Be part of a yard work team: Trim bushes, plant small ornamentals, help care for plants

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