“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis



Out of the Heat & Into the Holy Land!

     As promised, during VBS 2019, we traveled to the Holy Land to learn to walk more as Jesus walked. No luggage or passports or money necessary, just Bibles and study folders and socks for children and adults living at risk on the street. And, we traveled together. One new member of our church wrote on her evaluation that at their table, new friendships were formed that each person agreed would continue through the year into other activities. Most folks mentioned how meaningful their times in small group discussions had been and how important it was to meet other church members and visitors unknown to them prior to their week apart from daily schedules to be in fellowship.

     VBS2019Our VBS team’s hospitality invited people to take part in our journey and continued all week long in fellowship, small group discussions and snack time. Bev Andersen, Martha Gentry, Jan Norwood and Jan Baker invited each of us to sign up and Bev called each person who wigned up in advance to welcome them. Kay Hardy and her daughter created graphics that fit our theme of being Olympians running a race for Christ. 

Driven by a team of devoted VBS’ers, we sailed through getting acquainted and searching for Jesus in hymn singing, skits, daily meditations, and the DVD’s featuring Ray Vander Laan. Rhonda Plinske’s leadership led us to connect with God’s WORD in our lives. In order to break up the long periods of sitting still, we enjoyed regular times for standing and stretching. Jan Baker’s balloon popping events five times each morning became a favorite activity. Each “Popper” read the joke inside the balloon providing lots of laughter.

Table leaders were awarded high points for their encouragement to discuss the material and share its relevance for their lives. And at snack time, Susie Briner and her team of “snacksters” really did themselves proud with pastries, sweet and savory dips, crackers, vegetables and fruits. Thank you for your thoughtful selections and faithful provisions that kept us fueled for our journey!

     We wouldn’t be able to be thankful enough unless we let Maggie Atterbury know howVBS2019_004 much we enjoyed her musical accompaniment as we learned a number of new hymns from The Faith We Sing which is used often in our 8 o’clock services on Sunday mornings. Connie Groff became our song leader at the last moment as well as serving as the author of skits used daily and in worship on the Sunday before our week began. Well, done!

     VBS 2020 will focus on another of Ray Vander Laan’s video studies from the series known as “That the World May Know”. VBS is a great opportunity for growing spiritually through fellowship, information, discussion, snacking, singing and sharing! Be sure to mark your calendars now for the second week in July when we journey again to places yet unknown to discover insights in God’s WORD not yet revealed. This annual week of summer respite and renewal is truly fruitful! Thank you team and thank you all!

Pastor Linda De Atley

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