“Believe in the journey of your own spirituality; faith knows no predefined path.”

Unwrap the Gift!


John 1:1-14

By Hazelyn McComas

The apt symbol of the evangelist John is the eagle, for throughout the Gospel his words soar. They climb ever higher, ever closer to the reality of the Mystery Who ls God. Some say that the eagle can fly so high because it is the only creature that can look directly at the sun and not be blinded. Fact or fiction, it is an appropriate symbol, for John looks at Jesus and sees God. Not being blinded he also sees the most truly human being he knows. God incarnate – the Word made flesh – dwelling among us.

John struggles with “expressing the inexpressible,” as Paul says and tells us about the Word. It is in the beginning, present when “God created the heavens and the earth. “The Word was there with God – but John feels that is not enough. The Word was God. Nothing was made without the Word. The Word was the channel for life and light for all of creation.

Dark as our world may seem at any moment – our moment is a good one to think about – the light and the life of God and  the Word have never been and will never be overcome! The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness will never put it out.

That ‘s a Christmas gift to cherish. Unwrap it this year and hold it close. Meditate on it; learn to trust it. Trusting the Word stretches us until the trust, by the grace of God, becomes a deeper and deeper love. The presence of God becomes more and more real in our lives. God ‘s light begins to shine through us. May it be so for us this Christmas and ever after.


Holy Light, shine in my life today. Shine through me for others. Teach me to walk as light in darkness. May my praise become your joy. Amen.

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