“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

United Methodist Men Update


There are signs that the Virus is decreasing its hold on us and that the vaccine will help everyone to return to some form of normalcy but not yet. I am writing this article on Ash Wednesday, the day after Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras Day and also the day that the UMM would have held its annual Pancake Brunch where the brunch would normally greet and feed over 700 people from our church and community, provide funds to help many charities within our community and throughout the world to feel the Love of Christ, but not yet this year. I am also happy and saddened by the number of Loved Ones and Friends that we have lost last year. Happy because they are with our Lord Jesus and saddened because they are no longer with us and their loved ones. It has been a very difficult year in many ways and yet God have used the virus to draw a lot of people closer together within our church through Zoom because I and many others have met and made more friends during 2020 and that is very good. We have bible studies four days a week. We also have a Sip N Chat every night at 5 PM on Zoom. LUMC has also started back with in-person worship within the worship center, with a current limit of 75 people per week, just sign up on-line or call the church office.

Personally, as many of you know, the Lord called me to be a Missionary and I have had one successful trip to MN in 2020 and we are still planning another trip to Brazil in August this year. This has also been a blessing even during very difficult times.

So what am I saying, everything is still under God’s control and we are slowly restoring in person contact, no hugging yet, still wearing masks and social distancing but we are now at least in the same room and that is progress. Hopefully, we will be able to restart the UMM First Saturday Breakfasts and be able to start planning a Pancake Brunch maybe as soon as the second or third quarters of this year and that would be really great. Bottom line, keep praying, get your vaccinations and continue to attend on Zoom or in person for the Bible Studies, Sip N Chats, and Live Church services and before we know it we will all be back together. I will keep everyone posted on our progress.

God’s Blessings on All, Yours in Christ,

Eli Reeves, UMM Secretary

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