“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

UMW News

Mon., March 21

Lakeview United Methodist Women were guests of Willowbrook Unit for their spring luncheon and program. Attending were Phyllis Mitchell, Donna Petterson, Eileen Pike and Susan Briner. The program was titled “The Legacy of Faithful Women,” presented by Sierra Noel.

2018 Reading Program
Photo by Alice Hampson

United Methodist Women are involved in mission and that includes prayer, study and action. The Reading Program includes books in 5 categories: Education for Mission, Nurturing for Community, Social Action, Leadership Development, and Spiritual Growth -studies that will broaden our knowledge in a variety of concepts and ideas, and inspire us to TAKE ACTION! A specific number of books, plus reading the response and New World Outlook magazines, is required to complete one of four different plans, the minimum five books. Completing one of these programs will earn readers a certificate of recognition from West District. New books this year cover the history of the Church, the US and Native people interactions, Alzheimer’s disease, wellness issues, economic injustice, the environment, and intellectual and spiritual leadership. Selections can be from any of the 2013 – 2018 reading lists. We will award five certificates for 2017 at the Apr 21 Unit Meeting. There are Reporting Forms available in the Library to record the books you have read. Pick up a blank form located on the desk, put your name on the form, and place it in the black binder on one of the shelves in the “UMW Reading Program” section (back right corner shelves). Now every time you read a book, you know right where your form is to add your latest book read! This keeps all the forms together and prevents the possible loss of your Reporting Form! If you have any questions concerning the program or reporting forms, please contact Jeannie Hill.

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