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The Memory Care Navigator Program

Memory Care

Help Is At Hand!

On October 17 at 2:00 PM in Smoot Hall, Marty Finely, M. Ed., will present information on memory care. Marty has served elders in the Sun Cities area for over 20 years, helping people with dementia and their families cope with the multiple challenges that such a diagnosis entails. She was the Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association West Valley Resource Center and a Family Care Consultant for five years. She was a Nationally Certified care manager for 15 years and worked as a Care manager for Benevilla as well as a Care Manager for the Foundation for Senior Living. We are privileged to be able to hear from her about the services she and her team offer through Sun Health’s Memory Care Navigator Care.

The Navigator Program is an invaluable resource to patients, family members and caregivers. The Navigator serves as a personal guide for you or your loved one through your health journey and can help with getting the support needed. The Navigator assesses the needs of a patient and provides confidential consultation to the family. It links family members to education, support groups and assistive services in the valley and educates patients and families about available local clinical trials that they may discuss with their physicians, The Navigator can develop a personalized care plan that addresses and supports the patient’s health and health-related needs. It is an ongoing resource for families and for caregivers as new challenges arise through different stages of dementia. The Navigator can collaborate with and communicate recommendations to each patient’s physician for a fully integrated system of care to meet each patient’s needs.

Memory Care is a hot topic for many of us. Join us for this presentation. We look forward to seeing and sharing this dynamic presenter and her comprehensive program of care with Lakeviewers and neighbors. 

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