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The Kitchen Table


The Kitchen Table

The kitchen table is covered well to protect its top from harm,

the family, friends and food around are happy, safe and warm.

Mom creates the odors there that draw us from our coves,

to harbor in that happy place where laughter comes in droves.

My children come, my brothers too, as noises reach a crest,

and Dad repeats a blessing known to all who love it best.

My hands and arms caress each one and pass the plates around,

the tiny babe and children grown combine in happy sounds.

I feel a child and father too, a husband and a son,

a guilty sinner and a priest, life doings and life done.

Old friends drop in and bring a gift, a greeting or a song,

nothing can disrupt this place, nothing can go wrong.

This is the banquet table that I long for, may it be

the place some day where I reside that Christ prepares for me.

~ Written by Rev. Ross D. Parrott

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