“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

The End of the Pier


The End of the Pier

There’s an old Irish saying when you say,

“How are you doin” – – they say,

“sure, and I’m comin to the end of the pier”

I thought about it and it’s kind of neat!

We’re all walking along the pier – –

Sometimes we stop and make friends

Along the way, or help someone whose

fallen down.

The only Rule is we can’t go back,

only forward.

Now, some fall off the pier before their time,

And I’ve gone so far I can’t see the

beginning anymore.

Some are afraid of comin’ to the end – –

But I have no fear of dyin’

You see, I won’t fall off into muddy waters.

I believe our Soul never dies,

And if you believe in God,

You’ll just fly away – – – –

And when I’m gone – – – –

I’ll be there to greet you someday……

Roy Quid (will be 89 years in May)

Roy Quid

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