“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

Thank You’s for August 2020


Though we have not been able to gather we are still at work being the church.  I have had such an outpouring of love from our church family…cards and phone calls have encouraged and uplifted me on the journey with Bill’s illness and passing.  You all mean so much to me and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  We do serve a living God!   

Bonnie Boisvert

I really enjoy watching the people of Lakeview.

Kathy Villa


Dear Lakeview Family,

Thank-you for your many donations and prayers, all are needed. The $500 will be used for NEW beds for our members going into their own apartments and they will no longer be homeless!!  The medical and office supplies are much needed and will be put to use right away.  We thank-you, so very much for caring and sharing your resources with us. The following is an update on all of the exciting things going on at Justa Center.

Justa Center received a grant from the City of Phoenix to have a COVID/Heat Relief tent (climate managed) from May 31 through September 30th. This has allowed us an opportunity to rehab the interior of the facility to increase space for people and services. We hope to have the majority of that done by the end of July. In just a few weeks, we hope to be able to reopen parts of the building (in addition to other continued services) to small group activities.

There are two major areas Justa Center will expand with our newly repurposed spaces:

  1. Whole-Person Focus – the disruption of homelessness can be devastating physically, emotionally and often changes how our seniors see themselves. A whole person focus will provide resources and activities to support returning to housed life. This is a focus on the spiritual, physical health, and emotional wellbeing.
    • Pastor Gerri will be returning soon (darn this uptick in positives) to resume Sunday worship services and mid-week bible studies as well as spiritual crafts such as beading, labyrinths and more!
    • A variety of activities throughout the month to engage, stimulate and encourage a commitment to self
    • Movie ‘afternoons’ – with popcorn and sodas
    • Crafts – instruction on crocheting, beading, and other fun
    • Games and activities – group and individual brain games, board games, cards, etc.
    • Book club – we have voracious readers
    • Computer lab – helping seniors learn to navigate and stay staff on the internet
    • Peer-to-peer support – intentional listening, telling your story, addressing your fears, etc
    • Geri-fit and personal exercise equipment (bike and rower already donated) with video exercise
    • Full-time nurses clinic reopening (a one-year grant to get us restarted) which will include equipment for telemed visits.
  1. PATH Navigators – the path back to housing for some is quick and a matter of knowing what to do; for others, it is impossible due to barriers that cannot be removed. Our focus is that the seniors at Justa Center are on a Positive Actions towards a Housing plan.
    • Positive – self-care, engaging in positive behaviors, health care
    • Actions – getting document ready, starting to save for their move, seeking treatment for unaddressed addictions or mental health
    • Toward – when able to qualify for housing, actively engage in apartment hunt, applications, attending orientations, etc.
    • Housing – have a plan for what they need to move-in, savings, a contact sheet of resources, budget class, etc

The majority of these will require financial/resource sponsors and volunteers to assist in creating success at the end of the path. We will be sending out volunteer and resource needs regularly (starting later this month), that can be shared with your congregation and their friends.

There is so much more, but we will share another time. It is so wonderful to know that communities of faith are supporting our seniors. The prayers, the love, and the help allow our seniors to see they aren’t invisible, forgotten, or alone.

Wendy Johnson, Executive Director, Justa Center

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