“The message of Easter is not that Jesus is alive, it is so much more.
The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

Temptations and Consequences


1 Kings 21:1-10

by Luis F. Reyes

How easy would it be to give up your heritage? If someone in a position of power asked you to give up a personal possession, how would you respond? In our story, Naboth answers King Ahab’s request for his vineyard by saying that “the LORD forbid that I should give you my ancestral inheritance. “We should never be asked to give up our heritage, which includes our cultures and traditions.

The vineyard is not for sale or trade. Naboth will not give up what his ancestors have entrusted to him because the Lord forbids it. Naboth is being faithful to God, and his response is in tune with his values. He acts with integrity, protecting what generations to come may need to see and receive. The vineyard is not as important as Naboth’s moral character. Who we are does not reside in our possessions so much as in the values, character, traditions, and beliefs we have adopted on the journey.

In our society temptations will come, moments when our values and identity will be put to the test. How will we respond? It is easy to go with the flow; it makes us feel accepted and supported. But what about that part of us that we modify for the sake of feeling good?

God created us and gave us a heritage. The promises we have made to our God are not to be dismissed. From Naboth we receive an example of faithfulness to God and a sense of honor for family. Let us be like Naboth in faithfulness and moral character.


Pause and thank God for your character. Consider ways to affirm the heritage you have received. Celebrate and praise God for who God is in your life.

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