“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” ~C.S. Lewis

Tales for the Mountain April 2021

easterBunnyEaster morning at our house might have included a little snow shoveling or bundling up with the wild spring winds on the mountain. There was always a bit of eager anticipation for the “Easter Bunny” baskets left for the three of us. Unlike Santa, we always knew the bunny was pretend. My siblings had outgrown the egg hunts but still enjoyed the hollow chocolate bunnies. Dying eggs the night before was all we knew for preparation for Easter. I’d end up with a bunch of boiled, dyed eggs I didn’t really care for, but mom would encourage me to eat anyway.

After the egg hunt, we’d don our Sunday best for church. It often meant wearing my annual brand-new dress shoes that would pinch my toes and be crazy uncomfortable until we could change into jeans and tee’s after a big, extended family meal. Oh, yeah, we’d celebrate the risen Christ in there somewhere.

Most of you reading this are retired or at least empty nesters. How do you prepare for Easter? How are you celebrating this year? Last year’s celebration was certainly not what we wanted to do. No church on Easter! That was a first for many of us and even though we were on-line, it was hard to find the joy.

Lent is over, Holy Week and the Passion of Christ behind us, Easter morning is here.

emptyTumbThursday morning of Holy Week 2007, I sat on the floor of the Day Care with 25 or so kindergarten-age children. I really enjoyed the thirty minutes each week when all the brown, black, and white faces looked at me with eager eyes and ready smiles. When I asked what was happening Sunday, only one little girl raised her hand. She said, “It’s Easter.” I asked her what was so important about Easter and she said, “Jesus came out of the tomb.” Bless her parents! The rest of the children didn’t know beyond the egg hunts and chocolate. This was the moment I realized that there are a passel of folks who don’t know the truth of Easter so how could we expect them to teach their children.

Share the story of Easter and the good news about Jesus with the children. It’s a great time to send a story book about Easter, read a story over the phone, share your joy of the day.

heIsrisinI’m excited that many of you have received a vaccination for the covid virus. I’m excited that new cases are dropping – let us keep praying for that! I’m excited we’re having sunrise service and flowering a cross again this year. I’m excited to see you in your Sunday best. Go ahead, go buy those new shoes! Most of all, I’m excited Jesus is risen! He is risen, indeed!

Easter, it’s not just about the chocolate!

Grace and peace,  Pastor John

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