“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Stewardship 2021

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Dear Lakeview Family,

stewardship-treeI bring you greetings of thanksgiving from the finance team! I don’t need to tell you what an odd year this has been, yet there is much to celebrate. At the end of October, we are about 7% behind on pledges, but we have saved money during the closure and we received a payroll protection loan enabling us to keep all staff employed through the lockdown period. With some special gifts through bequests and other means, I can announce that as of October 31st, we are at 105% of anticipated revenue and $80,654 below anticipated expenses so we are IN THE BLACK! Please join with us in joyful prayers of thanksgiving!

We’re now looking toward next year and some modest increases in administration, programming, and trustees. We are hoping to increase staffing and resources for our Media Arts department for next year as we continue to expand our internet ministry enabling mobile broadcast and on-line meetings anywhere on campus, more streaming platforms (more ways for people to find us, watch, and participate), and our social media presence. As we return to in-person worship and ministry, we’ll be keeping and expanding our on-line ministry. Of course, we’ll be ramping up all our normal ministries too. Your church has been busy in ministry throughout 2020.

SmallGroups1I’m also excited about the initiation of a church-wide small group ministry connecting the whole church. It is the heart of Methodism and the tie that binds the church in positive and productive discipleship.

We have so much to be excited about, thankful for, and hopeful as we prepare for 2021 and I ask you to be in prayer for your church and our preparations for 2021. You can help us by completing the Online Estimate of Giving form here as soon as possible. We need the forms by December 10th.

2021 will mark a new season of ministry and possibilities for many more people to learn about the good news of Jesus and to join in discipleship as the kingdom grows. I believe we may well experience a new and very different revival for Jesus! Thank you for your love and support of Lakeview, your staff, and especially for the ministries. You are a generous and gracious people whom Pastors’ Ross, Linda, and I give thanks to God for you.

Grace & Peace, Pastor John

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