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Special Luncheon help on Feb 14th

Valentines day

Wednesday, February 14 this year is a special day at Lakeview. It is of course Valentine’s Day but it is also Ash Wednesday. We will be combining these two celebrations to celebrate “God’s Love Now and Forever”. We want as many folks as possible to be here! We may also need your help. We will be hosting our annual luncheon for members of the church who are not able to make it to the church with ease. This will be followed by an Ash Wednesday Service.

If you are able to help one of our homebound members with transportation or want to help us in hosting this party, please call the church office (623)-974-5821, to let us know! If you need help with transportation, please let us know by calling the office (623)-974-5821, so that we can connect you with transportation! There is nothing better than when we are all able to come together and spend time with one another.

If you have questions of any variety or want to confirm that you are coming, please let us know ASAP! You can call the office (623)-974-5821, or send an email to Pastor Stuart (stuart@lakeviewumc.net)

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