“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis



What is Reparation? Reparation is making amends to or helping another rebuild. Each of us is accountable for our own actions. We learned this week in our Bible lesson “The Story” to live like Christ. Where? Everywhere – at home, at church.

The world can be horribly damaging. War can damage. Slavery has damaged. Our country has imprisoned and persecuted others. People of many races have suffered. We either live, have heard of or maybe know of someone who has suffered. I have visited Apache and Navajo Reservations. I see the broken spirits. Our country had a civil war to fight for or against slavery. Today redlining, imprisonment and homelessness are all facts of American history. How is this to be repaired?

WWII Germany ran a war that sent many to concentration camps. Jews, gypsies and others not accepted by the Nazi regime were persecuted or killed. A young 16-year-old girl was taken from the Ukraine to work in a German ammunition factory. It was not Valentina’s choice to leave her family or country. She was beaten and received scars on her back. She gave her piece of bread to an American soldier. She received $10,000 in reparation from the German government. This woman bought a home in this country with monies from German reparation. This woman was Valintine Limowsky, my mother-in-law.

How can we restore each other In the world, this society, this world and church.

In the Bible study, “The Story,” God gave King Saul free will. He announced him king. God asked him not to keep anything after winning the war with the Ammonites. Did Saul Listen? No, he chose to disobey God. Saul kept the best sheep and goats for himself.

What is God telling us? Things change in our lifetime. Things in our past are not right in today’s world. Reparation is something truly needed to strengthen our relationship with our loved ones and the world and our God. 1 Samuel 5.

In Christ, Cindy McFadden

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