“To be a Christian means to forgive the inexcusable, because God has forgiven the inexcusable in you.” ~C.S. Lewis

Readers Needed


In November, December and January, we will need extra readers for short drama presentations for TNT, Worship, and our choir concert on Jan. 6. Memorization will not be required. Here are the dates and drama sketches

Nov 11 – Veterans’ Day at TNT

I need at least 6 readers for a short Readers;

Theater piece about a group of airline passengers flying with some military people. You will portray people such as a pilot, flight attendant, passengers, military people, narrator etc. No memorization, no costumes.

Nov. 28

The reading for the day is Luke 17:11-19, which is the story of the 10 lepers that Jesus healed but only one thanked him. You will be portraying the “ungrateful” lepers. You will make up your own excuse about why you have not yet thanked Jesus. For example, I Have a tee time at the golf course; I’;m busy babysitting my grandchildren, my wife has a long “honey-Do” list for me; etc. If you want to be in a costume, that is fine. If you want to use a prop (golf club, stroller for grandchild, tools for the honey do list, etc. that is wonderful. As a part of the sermon, Pastor Linda will be interviewing you individual land you will give her your excuse for not thanking Jesus.


Our theme this year is “Journey to Bethlehem. Each week we will focus on a key person in the Christmas Story. They are:

Nov. 28 – Mary, Jesus’ mother

Dec. 5 – Joseph, Jesus’ earthly father

Dec. 12 – Shepherd

Dec. 19 – Wise Man

Each week, our person of the week will present a short (one page or less) first-person monologue that tells of their role and reaction to their involvement in Jesus’ Birth. Memorization not required; I would like to use either a prop or a bit of a costume to help the congregation quickly grasp the story.

Jan. 6 – TNT Dinner and a concert

The choir will be presenting their Christmas Program which this year is called “Star Trek.” It tls the story of the journey of the wise men to Bethlehem, following the Star (hence the title, Star Trek.). I can use lots of readers for this, men, women, young, old. The reading(s) are from your personal journal about the trek. No memorization; a prop or a bit of costume is optional. FYI – Jan. 6 is the Day of Epiphany when we celebrate the magi’s arrival at the stable with their gifts for Jesus.

Please talk to Priscilla on Sundays.  You will have a choice of which sketch(es) you want to be involved with. If you want to see the materials before you commit, let Priscilla know.

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