“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

Praising God

Psalm 148:7-14

When did you last pay attention to the world around you? Recently I traveled to a major city and marveled at the beauty and majesty around me. Towering buildings, miles of connecting highway arteries, and sprawling greenways of parks and trails filled the “city proper.” On the way to the airport, about five miles out of the city, we encountered some of the most beautiful farmland I’ve ever seen. The horses and cows were of prize winning quality. The barns looked like mansions. The fields looked manicured and emerald green. Somewhere I think God was smiling! Creation was singing!

We can go nowhere on earth that we won’t see the beauty of nature. The brightness of the snow capped Rockies reflect God’s praise. The mists of the Smoky Mountains whisper praise. The roar of the ocean upon the shore shouts with praise. Just as the heavens declare with praise the greatness of God, so also does all the earth. And we are called to pay attention.

This springtime the azaleas, the dogwoods, and the lilies declare God’s handiwork, shouting with praise to the Lord. We are called to “hear” the praises of all of the earth, to be caretakers not consumers. Our duty is to till the earth, to harvest the offerings, and to praise God through it all. We are here to maintain the praises of all of nature, not to destroy the land in our selfish consumerism. God’s glory is greater than all of the beauty of this world.

Take a moment and glance out your window at the world around you. See the beauty of the flowers in your yard. Praise God for the green grasses growing as testimony to God’s greatness. Hear nature singing in the earthly choir of birds and breeze. Let everything praise God.


God of heaven and of earth, help me to praise you in the beauty of this wonderful spring season. Let me praise you in the freshness of this day! Amen.

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