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Pearline’s Story


Pearline’s Story

We have all heard stories from agencies about their good works but how often can we put a face that has been helped with a particular agency.  This is Pearline’s story. 

Pearline is now 91 and a valued member of Lakeview United Methodist Church in Sun City, Arizona.

Back in 1956, Pearline was a single mother with a boy (4) and a girl (5) and was living in Oakland, California.  She was offered a promotion but this position required her to work nights.  There were no day care centers that would take children under 6 years of age and none for the 2nd shift.

Not knowing what to do she talked to her friends and coworkers.  Someone suggested she check out the Fred Finch Children Home (A Methodist sponsored mission).  At that time parents were allowed to drop off children if they couldn’t take care of them.  Pearline called on the Pastor in charge of the agency.  The Pastor asked her to bring in all her bills.  She handed them to him.  Upon researching her bills, the Pastor told Pearline that she could not afford to pay anything.  He went on to say that she could leave the children there but she could only take them home one weekend a month as he didn’t want the other children to make fun of them. 

However, she could sit with them every Sunday in church.  Pearline was told to pay whatever she could afford if she had money left over after paying her bills.  He told her she wasn’t required to pay them anything not even a penny and the children could stay 1 ½ years.

The children stayed there for a year when Pearline was offered a day job.  Pearline was able to put the children in day care.  The children were well cared for and they talk about the home these many years later and have fond memories of their stay.

Pearline Burns
Pearline Burns

Pearline was so happy with this arrangement.  She had tears in her eyes telling this story.  Pearline went on to say she had no idea what she would have done if this service wasn’t available to her.  Pearline is a big help to me when we have our Rummage Sale.

 Written by Susan Briner  as narrated by Pearline.     

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