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Our Third Worship Online

FromThe Desk Pastor John

Here we are entering our third worship online. We certainly miss seeing each of you live and in-person and we will again, soon. I encourage you to work to engage in the worship on-line. Most of my colleagues call this “virtual worship” but that isn’t correct. “Virtual: almost or nearly, but not completely or according to strict definition.” “Worship: to show reverence and adoration to God.

We can worship anywhere and everywhere any time. People have told me for years that they watch other pastors and worship on TV each week in addition to coming to church. What we’re doing during this time is certainly different but that doesn’t make it “virtual.”

When you “tune in” or decide to participate from the recorded message, prepare yourself, take a few minutes to pray and be ready to hear God, be ready to “participate.” This isn’t a weekly television entertainment program, but worship, so treat it as such.

I encourage you to have your Bible ready and a pen and paper to take notes about how God is speaking to you. Singing can be difficult, or you may think, “I have a terrible voice.” So, what! God made your voice; he wants to hear it. God want’s to hear from you and he has something for you too, so be ready.

Following Thursday’s email, things changed again, (I think I’m going to stop planning) and we’ve had to change the way we’re presenting Sunday Worship. Parts of it will be recorded and others will be live, so we have some new challenges and new opportunities. Please hang in there with us, have lots of grace because this is new for us too. It’s not the very best but it’s for God and I think he understands.

You’ll find a note from our missionaries to Honduras here. Pastor Ocias Segura-April was commissioned a local pastor and on Wednesday morning there was a Zoom celebration worship involving about ten people giving thanks for God’s provision and work in the church in Latin America. Ocias, Desiree, and Nikolas have elected to remain in Honduras during the covid-19 crisis so please keep them in prayer. Desiree’s mother boarded the last flight to the US this week.

This week we finished calling all of our members for whom we do not have email. Thank you to the volunteers who have made calls and renewed contact with about 450 people.

Be sure and share news with those you know who do not have email. We are unable to send bulk snail mail until we can safely re-open the office. Staff is being paid and we are applying for CARES act funding. We know this is a difficult and challenging time for everyone.

We want to hear how you are being the church, so share your story. there’s a place on the website page “Knowing What Changes” where you can keep up with the latest changes. The office remains closed, so please do not come. You can drop check or mail in the slot on the staff door by the covered parking or make you donation online. (Thank you!)

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Pray. You are loved. ~Pastor John

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