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On the Shelf for October 2020


Hello to all the faithful readers of the Library section of the Lakeviewer!  Hopefully, this section will again become a part of the Lakeviewer.

I do have a book which is available in the Betty Barrick Library. 

John Adams by David McCulloughJohn Adams by David McCullough 

It is very interesting and completely historical from beginning to the last page.  I didn’t realize how much John Adams did for the United States from before the start of the revolution through his presidency.  This book opened my eyes to the dedication in drawing up the Declaration of Independence, his envoy trips to France and the Netherlands who had won their independence from Spain.  John Adams also worked out loans from the Hague which is part of the Netherlands.

John Adams worked with historical greats like George Washington, Ben Franklin, George III of England, Louis XVI of France and many others which I cannot name in this report.

This book can be found in our History and Biography section of the library. I believe we all need to read biographies of our founding fathers.  I hope you will come to the library to read the other fantastic books that we have on the shelves that would enjoy being read. I hope to see you at the Betty Barrick Library!

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