“Although no one can go back and make a brand new start
anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

On the Shelf for November 2021


Who doesn’t love a library? It is a place you can go in any town and discover the world.

Come and discover ours along with this book.

This book is a MUST read. Even my husband, who would rarely read this type of story, started reading it before I was finished with it. He loved it too. The title of this book is


The beautiful young lady profiled in this book wants three things; to feel loved, a strong family and most of all to be a ballerina. She was born to dance. This is a story about a person we have all heard about and seen on the big screen, but it has absolutely nothing to do with Hollywood. This a story of physical and emotional survival. It’s the story of Audrey Hepburn’s life who was born in Frisia, Netherlands , who went from there to Belgium, to Germany, to London then back to the Netherlands. This is a story about Audrey, Hitler and World War II.

It’s also a story of a little girl who just wants to dance, but who first must survive hunger, cold, soldiers, bombs, and her mothers affiliation with Hitler. If you want excitement, intrigue and at times a sitting on the edge of your seat story, this book is for you. Audrey Hepburn’s experiences during the war is what made her the person she later became. As you read this book, you will learn about the war in Holland. I learned so much. I never remember hearing about Holland and World War II. We should have. Much of this book came from the stories her son Luca remembers from his mother, Audrey. It is such a wonderful story, please take time to enjoy it.

Submitted by Jan Baker

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