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Overcomer by Chris FabryOvercomer by Chris Fabry

John Harrison is in the prime of his life. He lives in typical small town America. He is a teacher, a basketball coach in a private school, a husband and father along with being very active in his church. He knows he finally has the winning team to win the championship in the up coming school year. He can’t wait to get started.

Then without notice the major employer of this town pulls out and moves on, leaving the town devastated. The employees are offered jobs if they want to move with the company. Most of the folks follow their job. The job market where they live can not offer them the jobs they would need. This of course hurts everyone.

Families are leaving in droves. This is leaving stores empty and the student population down. John Harrison is watching his winning team, that he has been building, fall apart, and move out of town. He and his wife, who also teaches at the same school, have to take a pay cut. He is not a happy camper. Then to make matters worse , he is asked to now coach the track team. He hates track, does not even consider it a sport. Then only one person shows up for practice. He has a one person track team. Where does he go from here? What would you do?

He continues on. What options does he have? Then his pastor calls him and asks him to do some hospital calls with him since the gentlemen that had that role in the church has moved away too. This does not appeal to him at all, but he tags along. During this visit he accidentally walks into a room of a blind man. The blind man hears him and calls out to him before he can make a quick exit.

Then…….. I will leave it there. I read this 394 page book in two mornings. I just couldn’t put it down.

My Question to you is, do you believe in prayer? Really believe? How about miracles? Can you understand how John Harrison must feel? When he was asked the question, “Who are you really” he thought he knew. In these circumstances, who would you be? Who are you now?

This is a true story. Yes, true. It was such a good story it was turned into a major motion picture titled, “Overcomer” an appropriate title.

It was written by the same gentlemen that wrote the, “War Room”, which was also made into a movie. That was an excellent book and movie. Maybe you read it. You can find this book, “Overcomer” by Chris Fabry, in our own church library. If you need a lift up after the let down of the holidays, this is the book for you. The miracle of Christmas does continue on in our everyday lives. This I promise you. This book is a shining example.

Submitted by Jan Baker

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