“The message of Easter is not that Jesus is alive, it is so much more.
The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

On the Shelf for Feb. 2021


TheGloryofHeavenIn the “New Books” section of the Library is a small book of 140 pages that someone recently donated called “The Glory of Heaven – Inspiring True Stories and Answers to Common Questions” by Betty Malz.

There are many books with individuals telling their experiences of visiting heaven and we all have different perceptions concerning death and what heaven will be like. Even so, we all desire and anticipate our arrival in heaven – to feel that complete love and fulfillment only found there and this book explores those feelings.

The author not only describes her experience with death but those of the many people she received letters from and interviewed. Through these stories plus Biblical Scripture, she answers questions about life in heaven. Some are the common often asked ones such as: what will we eat; what will we wear; what kind of work will we do; what about contact with the dead; will we have knowledge of our loved ones; where is heaven. So many questions and she answers them all with thought provoking views.

She thinks of death as a doorway and relates eight wonderful prospects to be found when we walk through that doorway. One I had never thought about was “Unimaginable Travel and Exploration.”

In other chapters you will learn about: Hell: The Involuntary Alternative, Rehearsal for Heaven, What is Forever For and Going Home!

An enjoyable and insightful book – so full of scripture, hymns and intriguing stories that you can envision those gates of heaven and feel the indescribable happiness of homecoming. As the author says “What a homecoming awaits us! I will see you at the banquet.”

On another note: a big Thank You to Arlan Steen who donated three books concerning Heifer International. “The Heifer Model – Cornerstone, Values-Based Development” describes how Heifer plans, manages and evaluates its development programs. This book is the manual used by their personnel in over 35 countries to assist in their work. It’s also a wonderful resource that individuals can use in other development programs around the world. Lakeview members who have donated to Heifer will find it interesting to learn about Heifer’s approach.

In addition are two charming children’s books, wonderfully illustrated that you will enjoy. Great titles too: “One Cow and Counting” and “Faith the Cow.”

These books are now available and located on the table on the left side in the Library. Enjoy!

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