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anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” ~ Carl Bard

On the Shelf for August 2021

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Treachery, espionage, fear, spies, and double agents. This book is a true life thriller. It’s the story of a little boy brought up in Communist China in extreme poverty. They have nothing.

His only dream is to be educated, rich, and have an important position in the Communist Party. He is smart. He goes to school. He gets the best education and the best opportunities. He is still not happy.

Then one day a friend hands him a book. After he is done reading it, his life is changed. He now wants to be a Christian. That’s the good news. The very bad news is that it is illegal to be a Christian in Communist China. The authorities in China will say that’s not true. They have “Christian Churches” run by the state, but they have nothing to do with Christ.

If you are charged with being a Christian, you can be imprisoned, where you are beaten, tortured, and many times killed. Yet this young man, he goes by the name Bob, starts discretely passing the book on, and talking with people about it.

He starts underground churches. He preaches. He thinks he is being careful. He gets married, and continues his job as a teacher under the Communist Party. He is discovered. He is followed, threatened, and his family is threatened, but he continues starting churches. He and his wife are arrested.

Do Bob Fu and his wife survive prison? Do they ever get out of China? Are his parents questioned? Does he finally quit talking up Christianity?

For me, the bigger question is, would he risk our lives to save our church and religion? I learned so much reading this book. To this day, that is how it is in Communist China. I had no idea. The working of the Communist government is astounding, terrifying, and horrific.

For an exciting, educational, and powerful experience, read this book. The title is,

God’s Double Agent, by Bob Fu

You will find it in the History and Biography Section in our very own church library. While you’re there, look over our rack of books for sale. We have a good variety. Pick one up. The price is right. Fifty cents for a hardback, and twenty-five cents for a paperback. Hope to see you soon.

Submitted by Jan Baker

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