Nov 29, 2020 Online Worship – Please Come for a Visit

Today’s scripture: Isaiah 64:1-9

The first Sunday in Advent is centered on Hope. We hope for an encounter with God and the good news is that God comes to us and wants to come. We ask for a visit, but are we ready for him?

The Israelites were in captivity in Babylon, the temple was destroyed, and after nearly 70 years people were forgetting their history, their faith, and what was left behind. When Isaiah cries out for God to “ear open the heavens and come down,” it was an invitation to come back into the life of the people.

What we see in Christmas, and especially in Advent, is God’s desire to be with his people so each year as we celebrate Christmas we are reminded that Christ has come and he’s coming again and God has not left us because we have the Holy Spirit.

In the ordinary, our normal daily life, we can experience God if we are looking. We want to be in church, but we’re just as likely, if not more to encounter him in the daily walk of life.

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