Today’s scripture: Ephesians 2:1-10 ~NLT

Ephesians 2 begins with this beautiful commentary by Paul about God’s unmerited grace. He makes it clear that we cannot save ourselves, much as we’d like to try, and it’s only God who does that work. Verse ten is the key reminding us that we are “God’s masterpiece” amid all of creation.

Despite our best intentions, we often don’t feel that we “fit in” in the world or that somehow we don’t measure up. When we’re excluded from a group or friendships that we’d like to have, it seems that we are lost and lonely. Paul calls us back to the table here because it is God who saves, God who includes all, God who loves all.

We all know the feeling of not belonging or having been excluded from a group. Maybe it was a falling out in the family or a group of friends but we’re suddenly left feeling alone and out of place. Sadly, sometimes it happens in churches too. How we choose to respond to these situations might be a reflection on how we respond to God’s invitation. We were all living in sin before we turned to God and Ehphesians reminds us it’s only by God’s grace we can count ourselves right with God (saved). We always have a seat at the table with Jesus at our side.

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