God’s Family – stewardship

Ruth 1:16-18

Naomi and Ruth

Ruth, out of love, committed to Naomi not knowing what the future might hold. Even through hardship, loss, and despair, God used her commitment, here stewardship of her life, to fulfill God’s plan years in the future. God uses our sacrifice, commitment, and work of love even if we don’t see the results.

Ruth left her home, family, and all that was familiar in the wake of her husbands death, to follow Naomi, her mother-in-law. Some might call her life a life of sacrifice but when you read the story, it is an account of love. She loved Naomi and was willing to give herself to care for her mother-in-law and that led to a blessing of a son and she became a part of the genealogy of Jesus. From foreigner, to family, it is the same with us when God brings us into the family. What we do in response is God’s to use even if we never get to share in the harvest ourselves.

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