As I write this note, the United Methodist Judicial Council is meeting to review the work of the February Special General Conference. As their  decisions  are  made available, we’ll be arranging some opportunities to discuss the outcome and impact on Lakeview.

I have seen some news reports that I believe are misleading and I want to ask you to be cautious and slow to react as you may hear misleading and even inaccurate information. One headline I saw reported, “United Methodists tighten ban on LGBTQ.” I want to be clear that most of the General Conference decisions were focused on clergy action and behavior. The conference has not banned or restricted anyone from belonging or participating in the life of the church. Here at Lakeview, everyone is welcome to belong, serve in ministry, grow as disciples, and to share in the love of Jesus Christ.

If you have concerns or are hearing things you don’t understand, please feel free to contact one of the pastors at Lakeview. There are certainly issues of concern and challenges to the church that may impact us. Like most churches, we are not of one mind when it comes to ordination and marriage of LGBTQ persons but, we, your pastoral staff, are committed to serving you and the mission of Lakeview. Let’s remain focused on Jesus, His great love for us and desire that all come to salvation through him. We are a church changing lives for Jesus and caring for mind, body and soul. If we remain focused on the mission God has given us, I believe we can weather this storm in church polity even as we serve and give God glory and honor.

Peace and grace

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