Mark 7:24-30

A reminder that Jesus is the Master of the Universe.

The story of Jesus’ journey to Tyre, a region primarily inhabited by Gentiles. He traveled there to rest; in a private home; however, a Syrophoenician woman discovered he was there and intruded upon his resting begging him to heal her demon-possessed daughter. Later, he traveled on to Decapolis, a region of ten cities south and east of the Sea of Galilee, primarily inhabited by Jews. In Decapolis, Jesus was well-known already for the healing of the “Gerasene demoniac” (Mark 5:1-20). In Decapolis, friends of a man who was deaf and had a speech impediment came to Jesus and asked that he heal the man. In each of these cases, Jesus didn’t want to be seen or recognized, but he became even more celebrated for the wonders he did. More than anything else, we who are his disciples have a quiet Savior who is able to help us heal others as long as we honestly understand that we are unable to help the person on our own, we demonstrate humility in our request, and we have faith in Christ Jesus’ power to heal whatever is broken. Honesty, humility and faith in Christ as Savior are the tools that unlock our souls and heal others.

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