Today’s scripture is: Matthew 18:21-35

Unforgiveness eats as us like a cancer. It is self-imprisonment. Jesus wants to free us and helps us to forgive. Forgiving flushes the pain and toxins from us setting us free to reclaim joy.

Forgiving those who have wronged us, or even ourselves, brings us healing and wholeness that frees us from being victims to the wrong. It benefits our loved ones too because our unforgiveness keeps us from being whole in our relationships. Forgivness is less about the offender and more about becoming freed from the incident and the pain it causes. It means the offender no longer has power over you. Forgiveness does NOT mean the other was right. It means we are choosing to no longer let that experience steal our joy and keep us from wholeness. Forgivenss is an amazing gift God offers each of us no matter what we’ve done, not done, or said. The servant in our scripture was forgiven a huge debt, yet was unwilling to forgive one who owed him much less. Let’s not be like the unforgiving servant. Jesus is our coach in the process of forgiveing. Let’s be freed and whole in God’s grace. Choose to learn to forgive.

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