Today’s scripture: 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16

In 2 Samuel 7, David sets about to build a house for God. But, what is David’s motive? Is he truly just creating spacefor God, appeasing God, or trying to use his power as king to keep God in “safe” space so David can do what he wants? God denies David this opportunity but then turns the table to uild David a home. this i the love of God,he wants to build you and I a home forever. This is the kingdom God set about through David and Jesus is the ultimate king in the lineage of David fulfilling prophecy.

Our human nature is an attempt to corral God, quantify him, keep him in a nice, neat box we can understand. God’s nature is to keep expanding, spreading the kingdom he set about with David, but buit on the foundation of Abraham. The Old testament is the story of God’s creation, patience, disappointment in his people, and unrelenting work to restore his people – to bring them back to a right relationship with him. This is God’s work of righeousness. 

David planed a physical house for God but God had something better in mind, a different kind of house that would contain all the hope and the salvation of the world. This house began with a little baby in a manger. This “house” would be the King of kings, Conderful Counselor, everlasting  Father, Prince of Peace, Jesus, Savior, Messiah.

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