Luke 1:46-55 – NIV

Surrender to the commercialism and secularism of Christmas or remain focused on the promise; “A son is given.” How will you remain focused on Him? Mary’s song helped her to remain focused on the promise fulfilled even though the timing wasn’t right for her, even though she didn’t fully understand. Blessed are you with eyes wide open to the signs of God’s presence all around you.

Imagine Mary breaking the news of her pregnancy to her family. On visiting Elizabeth, Mary is met with excitement and recognition of a miracle – God’s promise coming to pass right then in their family! It is a difficult season for many and for many reasons. It is difficult to remain centered in faith and on Jesus when the world wants Santa, Grinch, and elf-on-a-shelf. For this very reason, we gather to hear the story, to be together, and to encourage and lift each other. Because of Jesus, we are sons and daughters of the king adopted, forgiven, freed. Yes, we have reason to celebrate the birth of our savior, the Messiah, God incarnate.

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