Matthew 15:21-29

Jesus demonstrates his sense of humor in his interaction with the Canaanite woman as he banters with her but yet he honors her demonstration of faith. In the exchange, Jesus visibly and very practically shows us that everyone has a place at the table with him. We are challenged to welcome even our enemies.

Jesus was more loving and accepting than any person who has ever walked this earth. He dined with sinners and tax collectors, he welcomed the presence of the sick and despairing, he worked among the poor and the pitiful. But Jesus never let anyone get away from him without knowing right from wrong. Jesus based his tenderness in a tough-minded certainty about the presence and persistence of great wrongs and the crying need for enabling the right.

“You cannot receive what you don’t give.
Outflow determines inflow.”

~Eckhart Tolle

Let us gather our gifts together and offer them to
God and the church in gratitude and praise

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