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Mission & Outreach Birthday Boxes


Birthday Boxes Need Your HELP!

We have started a NEW Program to help children that would NOT have a Birthday Party because the parents could not afford it. This program will be year-round, so we will always need your help. We are asking for donations to put in the Birthday Boxes. They are:

Vanilla and Chocolate Cake Mixes ONLY

Vanilla and Chocolate Frosting Cans ONLY – Kids just don’t like the fruity stuff.

Packages of Cupcake Holders

Packages of Children’s ChapSticks – generic brands are fine.

Packages of Squawkers – the things that make noise at a party.

Packages of Birthday Candles

Money Donations. IF you are writing a check, PLEASE make it out to the church and put Birthday Boxes on the memo line, put it in an envelope and have the office staff put it in my box. This way your donation is tax deductible. We will use the donations to buy the plastic boxes that we put everything into, the themed coordinated napkins, tablecloths, and paper plates, and little prizes for the attendees and other items we need to complete the Birthday Box.

We hope to deliver TEN boxes per month to Valley View Food Bank. The ages and sexes will vary so that there is always variety there for the choosing.

There are RED Birthday Boxes in the Church Office and one in Smoot Hall too! You can’t miss them. Please put your donations there. I will pick them up several times a week. I have found that Walmart is often times cheaper than Dollar Tree, you just have to compare prices when you are shopping. 

Thank – You for your help and donations,

Betty Stewart, Missions and Outreach Chairman

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