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Mission Opportunity


Donate to provide Feminine Hygiene Kits

You can donate to help provide Feminine Hygiene Kits to vulnerable populations across the United States. This is sponsored by UMCOR and Church World Services. UMCOR is the global humanitarian relief agency of the United Methodist Church. The joint initiative is because there is a tampon shortage and record high inflation in the United States. This makes it difficult for women to afford basic necessities including period supplies. The kits will be bought and assembled by congregations across the country. They will be distributed to the needy, homeless and also victims of natural disasters including hurricanes, flooding, fires, etc.

The kits cost about $14 each. Each kit contains soap, hand sanitizer, travel wet wipes, tampons, sanitary napkins, etc. We are not asking for the items as they are very specific. We are asking for money donations that we will send to the project to assemble and distribute the kits. Your donation can be in any amount. We will send funds for as many kits as we can. You can make out a check to Lakeview UMC and note on it “kits”. This will make sure your donation goes to this project.

Again, please do not send items, just money or checks. The Mission and Outreach Committee will send your donation to UMCOR to be used for the kits.

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