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Mission and Outreach for August 2021


JUSTA Center, the Senior Homeless Center for people 55+, is the only homeless center that focuses on Senior Citizens in our local area.

 JUSTA Center is in desperate need of gently used, clean T-shirts – any type that you have and any size – male and female. They also need baseball caps and sun hats too. The senior homeless people are in such great misery on the streets in this awful heat.

Please clean out your closets and drawers and bring in all you can to the church office. Your generosity and caring is so very much appreciated for human beings who have nothing. Cases of water and/or Gatorade and sun burn protection in small bottles are also needed.

We are starting to collect hoodies for the Fall and Winter needs of the homeless, also gloves, stocking caps, and winter coats. Because we have fairly mild winters, hoodies are really the focus, so when you are cleaning out your closets and drawers check them out for the hoodies.

Valley View Food Bank

 Back to School supplies – Backpacks, Notebooks, File folders, No. 2 Pencils, Pens, Pencil sharpeners, Pencil boxes, Colored pencils, Crayons, Washable markers, Small tissues, Small hand sanitizers, Blunt Scissors, Rulers, Erasers, Highlighters, Calculators, Glue sticks, Index cards, Post-it Notes, Subject dividers, and Lunchboxes.

PLEASE bring in your donations by Sunday, August 15 when they will be dedicated to the use of children who need our help in our sanctuary and chapel at both services.

All items are needed. Watch the local papers for the ads to get the best deals and sales that you can get from the above list for the least amount. The grocery stores, Walmart, Target, Office Max/Depot, and the Dollar Tree Stores all will have good prices if you watch for them. “A penny saved is a penny earned,” so save and spend wisely to help those less fortunate – get the best price you can!!

MANA House – (Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force) homeless center for veterans needs are simple. They are looking for single servings of breakfast food. Please mark your donations for MANA House.

Thank You for your help of our supported charities!!

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