Nov 28, 2021 – 9:30AM Service – 1. Mary & the Practice of Generosity

Nov 28, 2021 – 9:30AM Service – 1. Mary & the Practice of Generosity

Today’s scripture: Luke 1: 26-27, 30-38

Mary has been a pivotal figure in Christianity over the centuries, yet Protestants know little about her. A look at her life, the traditions about her & her faithfulness to God’s call.

We’ll look closely at the characters in the Christmas story & how God invited them into magnificent story of Jesus’ arrival. Each made a journey that led to great faithfulness. Mary has been a pivotal figure in Christianity.

Mary’s faithfulness in saying yes to God, to serving God. She sees & participates in God’s saving work in Jesus throughout his life. God’s favorite way to work is to look for the meek & humble to use for great purposes. God can choose the least likely persons to accomplish significant, faithful work.

A desire to serve God, in seeing and trusting that God is at work, we are able to give a hopeful yes to God’s invitation to bring God’s kingdom and reign of love & justice. In seeing God at work we believe our future has hope. Mary’s deep love & commitment stand by her son.

Mary believed God’s promise & invitation to her, to participate in and help God’s great love to be born into the world. In a world infatuated by status, wealth & position, Mary reminds us that God frequently begins at the bottom with the least & raises up the lowly. Would we allow God to use us for something great even if others considered it edgy, improper, going against the values in which you had been raised? What needs to be changed in the world around you? Perhaps God is asking you to help make this happen?

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