May 30, 2021-9:30AM Service -Hanging onto Awe

May 30, 2021-9:30AM Service -Hanging onto Awe

Today’s scripture:  Psalm 29

“We can’t manufacture awe but we can allow it to affect us and help us to experience God’s majesty and wonder. Imagine the first time you saw the Grand Canyon or the immense California Redwoods. Some may have experience the wonder and awe of the Holy Spirit at some point. These are the times we discover something so new, so wondrous that we are moved to that emotion – awe. That wonder and reverence helps us connect with God. Keeping that wonder in our spiritual life may take some work and focus but it is worth it to continue growing in faith.

Awe – a sense of wonder and reverence. Awe is not something we can manufacture, rather, it’s something that strikes us when we are exposed to an event or experience that we cannot quite explain or that is radically new and emotional. This awe emotion helps us to open ourselves up to something new. “

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