May 2, 2021 9:30am Service- Do You Understand?

May 2, 2021 9:30am Service- Do You Understand?

Today’s scripture: Acts 8:26-40

The eunuch in this account is already a believer in God (he had gone to Jerusalem to worship), but in reading Isaiah, he was unable to grasp the importance and meaning of this historical text of the Israelites journey in faith with God. Phillip enters the scene, prompted by the Holy Spirit, and is able to teach and explain the connection between Isaiah and the good news of Jesus.

We sometimes need some tools available to help us understand God’s Word more clearly. More today than ever, we have ways to understand the text through on-line study, books, classes, and teachers of the Word. Like the eunuch and the Emmaus disciples, we can have our ‘eyes opened’ to the grace and good news of Jesus when we take advantage of the tools and good teaching of others. God is secured because God has chosen us (anointed our heads with oil) and his goodness and mercy are ours forever.

The Bible often seems distant in culture, difficult to grasp, and often difficult to take the biblical context and bring it into our daily lives. But this need not be a daunting task. There are many ways to enter into the meaning and wisdom of our Holy Scripture. Take advantage of these tools and practices and you will know God’s character more deeply, fall more in love, and grow as a disciple of Jesus.

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