Jul 11, 2021-9:30AM Service-Coincidences & Connections

Jul 11, 2021-9:30AM Service-Coincidences & Connections

Today’s scripture:  John 9:1-12, 35-41

“We live in a world where the inexplicable can happen. Will we notice that the divine coincidences are really connections that God puts into our lives? Will we give God credit and praise for these moments?  We learn to trust that God has our back and is constantly working, even in subtle ways to help and bless us.

We would like you to Know: that God is working behind the scenes, in often hidden ways in our lives to help us, love and encourage us.

We want you to Feel: A sense of awe and gratitude when we realize God is working in our midst.

We would like you to: Trust the moments of divine coincidence when they happen and praise God for them.”

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