Jan 2, 2021 – 8:00AM Service – Facing Our Fears

Jan 2, 2021 – 8:00AM Service – Facing Our Fears

Today’s scripture:  Numbers 13:1-2,17-20,25-28,30-33 NLT

The anatomy of fear which controls and influences our actions, our emotions, our impulses, and our bodily health. People of faith may give into fear and be tempted to allow fear to take hold and stop trusting fully in God.  Fear colors the ways in which we look at the present and the future. What do we do when we’re paralyzed with fear? How do we begin to understand that God is really with us?  

Fear is a natural early warning system produced by our survival instinct. Sometimes fear can be beneficial and more often it is unproductive and leads to paralyzing actions or inactions. Understanding the dynamics of fear helps us understand our reactions and deal with them through tools of behavior we can learn and internalize. We learn by using one or more of three tools. One of those tools is learned through modeling the reactions of others. Another is learned as we desensitize ourselves by exposure in small steps to what we fear. The third tool is learning to break our response down into small manageable steps of action. All these are behaviors that mirror our trust and faith in God’s love for us and in the proof of that love reflected in the birth of his only son, our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus.

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