Dec 5, 2021 ‐ 9:30AM Service – Joseph & A Radical Trust in Go

Dec 5, 2021 ‐ 9:30AM Service – Joseph & A Radical Trust in Go

Today’s scripture: Matthew 1:18-25

Lessons we learn from Joseph as he changes his plans and ideas to divorce Mary and chooses instead to trust in God’s work and future for him and his family.

Our knowledge on Joseph, the earthly father of Jesus is scant, but he plays a pivotal role in the Christmas story. He plans for marriage to Mary are drastically altered as he discovers she is pregnant. He learns to listen to that still, small voice of God and allows God to rebuild and lead the dreams for his life and love, helping him forgive & trust God.

Joseph is described as a just man, a devout servant of God. He has to wrap his mind around the idea that Mary’s child is holy, God incarnate, that this is a radically new beginning and it is God’s doing. If you’re making plans for how you want life to be or how you want the holiday celebrated & those plans unravel & disintegrate you may feel hurt or discouraged. Joseph shows you how to bend with the times & find God working in the crisis, that God is here to catch & steady you.

Joseph initially felt his dreams for love & life together with Mary fall apart. Sometimes plans have drastic interruption. Joseph knew the loneliness of a difficult decision & /course of action in his plans to divorce her. Then he discovered he was not at all alone, that God was deeply at work in his life. Instead of struggling alone, he could be a part of God’s purposes.

Joseph’s lesson for us is certainly about trusting God deeply & our willingness to live God’s plans & dreams instead of our own. God may ask you do something that stretches you: your love, forgiveness, trust, faith. you find you can only take that step trusting God, allowing God to lead you forward, even when everyone else says, stop, give up, go back.

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