Dec 12, 2021 – 9:30AM Service -Watching with the Shepherds

Dec 12, 2021 – 9:30AM Service -Watching with the Shepherds

Today’s scripture:  Luke 2:4-20   

Story of Shepherds, their status & significance as the first ones to receive the Good News on Jesus’ birth. They performed menial work for low pay. Many were hired hands, day laborers/truly at bottom of rung. Shepherds often lived as outsiders, just the kind of people Jesus would come to & care about.

Shepherds work night shift, lowest of low; the ones with the least seniority Because of their work, shepherds lived away from settled communities and were often regarded as outsiders, people on margins of life. Barriers in their lives made hard to participate in religious activities. But they were available and receptive to the joy of God and news of Jesus’ birth. They were drawn to what was doing and we can be too!

Have you ever felt left out? Forgotten? Do you wonder does God even notice me, especially in moments when life does not seem to? God knows and notices each of us. God says you matter. We consistently see in the Christmas story, how God wants & needs everyone at the stable.

The world feasts & weeps on a steady diet of terrible news: war, the pandemic, horrific school shootings, political division, etc. How desperately we need to hear again words of the Angel: I am bringing you good news of great joy for all. God will appear to anyone who will listen, which includes us. The shepherds report on heavenly wonders, then go & tell. They echo the message, the heavenly song of the angels in their praise and glorifying God. What in this church has shaped your faith and needs to be shared? What has touched your heart & mind that others need to know?

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