August 1, 2021 – 9:30AM Service -Search and Rescue

August 1, 2021 – 9:30AM Service -Search and Rescue

Today’s scripture:  Luke 15: 1-10

Today we look at two of Jesus’ parables on being lost and found by God, the parable of searching for the lost sheep & the lost coin. This is God’s essential work of finding us when we are lost, have strayed or can’t seem to find our way back to life & faith. Jesus often attracted a motley crowd that included prominent leaders and those seen as unsavory or disreputable. The kind of people your mother may have told you to avoid. Some of them may have felt outside the care and reach of God but they were drawn by the message God’s kingdom that included them.

When we wander, God will go any distance to find us. God’s compassion looks tirelessly and pursues us relentlessly, especially when we’re lost and can’t find our way home.

We would like you to feel: Relief, hopefulness, that God will find them and the ones they love.

Consider how God is actively looking for you and we are a church that wants you here.  Take a step towards God as God reaches for you.

God is wanting a relationship with you, wanting you to know how valuable you are to God.

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