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March Thank You’s


Members thanking members

Thank you for the prayers for Steve Michaels (son-in-law). As of February 12 all cancer is gone.

Barbara Bailey

Many thanks to the family at Lakeview for their prayers and friendship the past two months of Harley’s surgeries.

Thank you to Pastor Ross, Pastor Linda, Pastor John, Pastor Fred, and Barbara Littlejohn for their visits during the numerous hospital stays.

Thank you to Toni Steitz for always having Harley in the prayer list and all the unknown members to us that continued to pray for him.

The choir was so good to send cards to Harley and continuously ask me how he was doing.

My new friends at Stephen Ministry class you kept me grounded without even knowing it by asking me how he was every Wednesday.

My bible study ladies that constantly lifted us both in prayers every Monday – I love you all.

My friend Marge McConaghy who called me every night to check on me, you are my special angel.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone we knew we were covered in prayer by the prayer warriors here.

We feel blessed to be a part of this caring church and hope to continue forward with kindness to others in need.

God loves you and so do we!
Darlene and Harley Cook

Thank you so very much to the LUMC congregation for the wonderful 20th year celebration! It’s been an amazing journey for me as I witness God’s work through all
of you. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it for the past 20 years. A special thanks to the first person at LUMC who believed in me and hired me – Clayton Shankland. Also, a very special thanks to Pastor John, Suellen, and Irene for their parts in making this happen!

Tami Stam

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