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The message of Easter is that Jesus has risen!” ~ Colin Smith

March Heifer Update


LUMM Heifer Project Update

Bees_003Here it is March, 2019 and things are a-buzz or they soon will be. The Lakeview United Methodist Men have shifted their attention to the smallest gift on the Heifer International list – the honeybee, but what a powerful one it is. Aside from the honey that we have all enjoyed, there are seven other by products you may be familiar with. Bee pollen, bee wax, royal jelly, propolis, organic honey, mead, and bee bread. In the weeks of this promotion I will try to explain each of them.

Heifer International offers a gift of honeybees.

Bees_001For $30, your donation will consist of bees, a box and hive, plus training in beekeeping. Just think what this little guy will do to help pull people out of hunger and poverty.

The Lakeview United Methodist Men are planning on a busy and buzzy campaign. Please join us. Visit our display in Smoot Hall and drop a donation in our bee-hive.

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