MANA House

MANA House

Home for homeless veterans

MANA House – a home for homeless veterans, is moving into a NEW facility. They are leaving behind their old and worn out video recording tapes andmanahouse are looking for used but still working any genre of DVD’s for their new DVD machine and TV in the rec room for the men in their off hours.

Sooo when you are doing your Spring Cleaning, and find that all of your DVD’s won’t fit into that full DVD cabinet, cull through them and donate the used ones to MANA House, that you no longer have an interest in viewing. There will be a box for them in the church office.

Terry Araman will be the guest speaker at TNT on May 10. He is the founder of MANA House and we hope to send him home with many boxes of DVD’s for the guys. He has a great story to tell and is most humble. Please make a reservation to come to TNT May 10. It will be awesome!

Also, we are NO longer collecting clothes and personal items for the guys. Our garage is full and they can’t take them in at this time. Thank you for all that you have donated. MANA House really appreciates all that we have done and continue to do for them.


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