“Believe in the journey of your own spirituality; faith knows no predefined path.”

Lost and Found


Joshua 5:9-12

by Kim Cape

The rhythm of the Christian year quickens in Lent. As Advent prepares us for Jesus’ birth, Lent prepares us for Jesus ‘ death and resurrection. Being human, we are not equipped for either theophany. In our Joshua text, the people renew their commitment to their covenant God. By celebrating the Passover they reenact their parents’ story of deliverance; the current generation recalls God’s deliverance from slavery in Egypt .

The eyewitness generation has died; this is the first celebra­tion of Passover by the new generation. The parents’ rebellion at the border of the Promised Land had condemned them to wan­der in the wilderness until they died. Even in their wilderness wanderings, God sustained the people with manna, literally giv­ing them their daily bread. Every day reminded them that their very existence depended on God. No matter how faithless we humans are, God is faithful. God knows our needs. Whether manna in the wilderness or produce from the land, God provides with grace that goes ahead of us .

I often feel that going through life is like driving a car and looking in the rearview mirror. We see the significance of events after the fact, not before. “We have always done it this way,” is not a faithful response to each new day given us by the Creator. God has been faithful in our past. Can we not trust that God will con­tinue to care for us in the future?


God you are always faithful. You make a way when there is no way. As you have led us in the past, lead us into the future. Give us the courage to trust you even when we cannot see the new thing you are doing. Amen.

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