“There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” ~C.S. Lewis

“Joy to the World” Heifer Program


Heifer Update for December 2019

Our “Joy to the World” program was all of 10 days old when I received the call.  Through generous giving, we have donated our first Gift Basket.  The Lakeview United Methodist Men can’t say thank you enough for the strong support of the Heifer Project. 

We have treated families around the world the opportunity to free themselves from poverty and hunger.  Through the training that Heifer provides, families can improve their diets, sell excess product, send their children to school, all while sustaining the earth.  Then comes the “passing the gift.”  The first female offspring is passed to a friend or neighbor.  And the program goes on and on and on.  No hand outs in this program, only hand ups. 

Are you thinking of Christmas gifts?  Give the gift that keeps giving.  A donation to Heifer International through the Lakeview United Methodist Men.

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